I bought an Iphone 6 on ebay. The seller said that was unlocked so i finished the transaction. Unfortunately, the phone was not unlocked and I can´t use the phone. I live in Chile so my options were really few…I contacted IphoneIMEI and I tried to use the first option to unlock it. But, the phone had another condition and it was necessary to use the second option. IphoneIMEI had me informed all the time through the tracking option. Tohour I received an email indicating that the process was completed. I put my simcard and just do it! The iphone is unlocked. I not trusted in this kind of site, but I have to eat my words. IphoneIMEI is an excellent an reliable site. Five Star. Use this site with total confidence. Thanks a lot for youe service.
George GreenReliable and Perfect!! 100% Effective
Service was really good!
Don’t hesitate to unlock your device with them.
Took about 4 hours to unlock my iPhone.
I have no complaints
Diana RichardsUnlocked iPhone 8+

Brought my Japanese Softbank iPhone 6 home & wanted to use it in the States, and learned the best reviews weren’t lying – only took 10 hours to be able to use my phone with Verizon Wireless.

Was surprised at the cost – apparently very competitive for this kind of service – but a bit hard to find. Look up the reviews for doctorunlock on trustpilot to see what I mean.

In all, very thankful that I’m able to use my phone. The process was MUCH cheaper than having to buy a brand new phone.

Anna WhiteBig Surprise!
Excellent service – bought an iPhone 11 from eBay which was locked to someone else’s iCloud account. Apple flat out refused to help me. No way was I going to jailbreak this handset and void my AppleCare warranty, this service removed the previous owners iCloud nice and quickly in under 48 hours, allowing to set it up with own! Thanks very much – ps any chance of some discount on the next order as my friend wants to do hers?
Jacob FirebirdFast, Simple, Easy to Use!
Only took them just over 1 hour to get my iPhone XR unlocked from the iCloud account that was not letting me use the iPhone.Would use again in future!
Gregor GreenSuper fast!
I was aprehensive about getting an icloud unlock but that soon was replaced by confidence when the phone was unlocked through a simple procedure. nice one guys!
Stefan FreemanPurchased with confidence
Used this company before, they are prompt and effective, what more do you want. You get what you pay for, say no more.
Leonardo GreyPerfect service, first class

Fast iCloud activation lock removal service, I was stuck without a phone on my travels, managed to buy a 2nd hand iPhone off eBay to find it with the activation locked screen. This website removed it for me so I can use the iPhone, couldn’t of been happier!

WilliamsTrust Service

Great site for iPhone unlocking, they removed my iPhone 8 Plus iCloud Activation lock within the 72 hours suggested. The website is easy to use and I was kept updated throughout the process. 100% recommend Unlock Phone SIM

Alex Freemanit's very fast service

iCloud unlocked my iPhone 12, I was brought an iPhone 12 for my birthday but it was locked to iCloud, after months of trying to unlock it at various stores I was recommended to use Unlock Phone SIM, I wish I’d found them sooner, excellent service!